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Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 Chelsea players will be donning their country’s uniform in Brazil over the coming weeks, making Chelsea the best represented football club in the world, eclipsing fellow BPL team Manchester United and the Budesliga’s Bayern Munich who will both be sending 16 representatives. Jose Mourinho’s squad will be representing severalRead Full Article

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With the Premier League season set to start in just under 2 weeks time, the transfer market is alive with the sound of gossip and potential big money moves from some of the largest football clubs in the world and Chelsea once again are being rumoured to be in pursuit of another international star inRead Full Article

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The players, do we love them? do we hate them? Are they good enough? do they show passion for the badge? This is perhaps the subject guaranteed to get debates raging up and down the Fulham Road and beyond. As soon as the team is announced, we all become experts, why is he playing? SurelyRead Full Article

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In 2004 we welcomed Jose Mourinho to Chelsea for the first time and saw the beginning of a new era for our squad. Jose was instantly loved by the fans, brought in great assets to the team, made the team as strong as it could possibly get and won some crucial silverware in the seasonsRead Full Article

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Chelsea have been in family for some 90 odd years we have seen the good, the bad and the very ugly. My Grandpa who died when I was very young could trace his first game back to the early 1920’s and he kept going until 1982 when poor health prevented him going and he passedRead Full Article

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I don’t think as fans we have become blasé about winning trophies , it just our expectations have gone from striving for champions league football, a good cup run and hopefully picking up one or two world class players approaching the twilight of their careers, to expecting to win the premiership, domestic and Europeans cupsRead Full Article

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The Future is bright, The future is Blue

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2012-2013 , It was a season of mixed emotions. The demise of Robbie, the appointment of Rafa, Lamps breaking the record, only winning one of several trophies, automatic champions league qualification, and as the full time whistle blew in Amsterdam, we still ended up celebrating yet another trophy. It was also the end of theRead Full Article

The Midfield Situation

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The last season, Chelsea’s tactics and gameplay was defined solely by the players in the middle of the pitch. The likes of Hazard, Mata, Oscar and Ramires made the season come alive for Chelsea, even though our defence and attack lacked in the quality that supporters would expect. Frank Lampard, David Luiz, Victor Moses andRead Full Article

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