My Chelsea Life

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Chelsea have been in family for some 90 odd years we have seen the good, the bad and the very ugly.

My Grandpa who died when I was very young could trace his first game back to the early 1920’s and he kept going until 1982 when poor health prevented him going and he passed away soon after. We all went as a family around 1977, I have a picture at home of the three off us outside the shed, three generations of Blue.

My Dad started going in the early 1950’s, he had a many a story to tell, my favorite was him leaving work early as he was “sick” to drive to Old Trafford for the 1970 cup replay. He loved Charlie Cooke & Jimmy Greaves, his all time favorite players. He died in 2006 and I only found out a couple of years later he want to Chelsea the day of his wedding!

My first full season was the 83-84 Season, although I was there when we beat Liverpool 2-0 when Rhodes Brown and Lee scored, then the next round, the 3-2 defeat to a Hoddle inspired Spurs.

We used to park outside the old Unigate dairy, the stench of sour milk filed the air. We turned the corner straight to the news agent where I would spend my pocket money on one packet of Panini stickers and a few penny chews. Once in the ground we used to try and guess the attendances, more often than not my Dad would be the closest. The dash back to the car for sports report and the classified results read by James Alexander Gordon, all part of the memories!

As I got a bit older I used to go on my own to try and get some autographs, my dad said I had to walk from Earls Court because Fulham Broadway was not safe and he did not want me to get into trouble. I never disobeyed him.

We stayed in the east middle from the early 80’s until the early 2000’s, we then moved to the west lower where I am still today as the East stand became full of cooperates and when I was told off by one of the said cooperates for singing and standing I thought we need to move.

I have so many memories of Chelsea, I could write a book about it, but to end my latest article I going to end with my best & worst memories they are in no particular order..

Sheffield Wednesday & Sunderland semi final defeats
Barcelona at home with that “ref”
94 cup final
Matthew Harding tragic death

First Prem title
97 cup final
Double season
Full members cup – my first trip to Wembley

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