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The players, do we love them? do we hate them? Are they good enough? do they show passion for the badge?
This is perhaps the subject guaranteed to get debates raging up and down the Fulham Road and beyond.
As soon as the team is announced, we all become experts, why is he playing? Surely he should be starting? Then during the game, swap x for y and push z upfront, we rarely get it right, that’s why I am in sales not a Football coach!
All we want is for the players to give 100% when they cross the white line and show passion & commitment for the team.
I think the saying, the badge on the front means more than any name on the back is the most valid poignant statement. Players come, players go, the fans are here for life.

My pet hate is booing a blue, you just don’t do it, never, call him a F****** lazy W****r and pull your socks up but don’t boo.

When I say don’t boo, if my worst ever Chelsea X1 played week in week out I might have to re think so without any more delays I present my Worst X1

Mark Bosnich, Gareth Hall, Andy Dow, Winston Borgarde Tel Ben Haim,
Darren Wood, Dale Jasper,Gabriele Ambrosetti,
Chris Sutton, Robert Fleck, Dave Mitchell.

That is truly a scary team & considering I left out Christian Panucci, Danny Granville, Tom Boyd, Tony Cascarino, Maniche & Boulharouz.

But with every worst X1 you need a Best X1, so mine is as follows,

Petrescu,Cole,Terry, Carvalho,
Makelele, Lampard, Wise,

Perhaps not all the greatest players but they are my favorites. Eidur,Robbie,Kerry, LeBoeuf,Jimmy, apologies but I still love you!

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