The Future is bright, The future is Blue

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2012-2013 , It was a season of mixed emotions. The demise of Robbie, the appointment of Rafa, Lamps breaking the record, only winning one of several trophies, automatic champions league qualification, and as the full time whistle blew in Amsterdam, we still ended up celebrating yet another trophy. It was also the end of the road for the overweight waiter from Spain and so another amazing chapter had drawn to a close in a quite amazing 10 year period in the clubs history.

The new season is fast approaching, I am very excited… I can’t wait for the first game, to step out at Fulham Broadway tube, wanting to set fire to the awful half & half scarves…… why oh why would you want a 50% Chelsea 50% any other team scarf, I am 100% Chelsea.

As you hit Fulham Road, the iconic smells & sights, the burger van, the religious man with the megaphone, the first gulp of a cold beer… I hate the May –August wait!

I very optimistic about the season ahead, the special one is home, we have fantastic squad filled with supremely talented young players, added to vastly experienced “old guard”, this season could be amazing and here are 10 reasons why:
We have the best manger in the business,
We have one of the best keepers in the world,
We have the greatest ever English left back,
We have leaders in every position,
We have a record breaking midfielder,
We have some of the best young talent in the world,
We have an outstanding team spirit,
We want to win and not call 4th spot a trophy,
We are Londons first & finest,
We are Chelsea!

I think this season we need to be atleast challenging for the title, one domestic cup and the business end of the Champions league. We have all the tools to dominate the premiership and make Europe afraid.

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