We All Want Another Munich

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I don’t think as fans we have become blasé about winning trophies , it just our expectations have gone from striving for champions league football, a good cup run and hopefully picking up one or two world class players approaching the twilight of their careers, to expecting to win the premiership, domestic and Europeans cups and signing world class starts in their prime.

For that reason 19/05/2012 is one anniversary every Chelsea fan will remember (sincere apologies to any partners reading this). The day in Munich, the banter between fans, the game itself & Sky’s Martin Tyler’s commentary is etched in my memory till the day I die.

When they scored, I said to my friend, I am going on 89 minutes I can’t bear to be in the ground at full time…… 30 seconds from missing the greatest night in our History!

Didier I thank you. For me that micro second from the ball leaving his foot, the keeper going to the right and the ball crossing the line, I swear the whole stadium was silent, then the explosion of noise, In a football arena will that moment ever be eclipsed? Amsterdam was great don’t get me wrong, but it was a poor man’s Munich. Perhaps because the Europe league is perceived to be such a mediocre trophy the excitements levels were not as high.

Football is like a drug, you can’t replicate the feelings you get, the joy the pain the frustration. If you are not a real fan, by that I mean, a plastic fan or somebody who buys ½ & ½ scarves, or just comes for a cooperate day out, you simply can’t fully understand the emotional rollercoaster being a Chelsea fan can be. True fans, you may not go to matches for various reasons or live overseas but you are real & true fan….you will get it.

Let’s hope this season we can achieve another Munich, another star on the shirt… Who says we have no History!

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