What makes Mourinho so special?

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In 2004 we welcomed Jose Mourinho to Chelsea for the first time and saw the beginning of a new era for our squad. Jose was instantly loved by the fans, brought in great assets to the team, made the team as strong as it could possibly get and won some crucial silverware in the seasons that he was in charge. Mourinho ended the dominance of clubs like United, Liverpool and Arsenal at the top of the table and silenced all his critics. Redefining the way Chelsea played the game, Mourinho proved to be a greater success than most managers at the club that were appointed after he left. The likes of Scolari, Hiddink, Grant and AvB came to the club only to stay for short periods and not earn any silverware. Carlo Ancelloti brought new hope in his two seasons in charge but was also sacked because of his shortcomings in the Champions League, the crown Abrahamovic was most hungry for. And then came Robbie Di Matteo, who won the crown of Europe, but was sacked for his shortcomings in the league just the next season. Benitez wasn’t a success at Chelsea either. He may have won the Europa League with us but that wasn’t what we were aiming to do. Benitez fell short in our aim to challenge the Manchester clubs for league success and blamed a really tight schedule for these shortcomings, something that we don’t expect or want to hear as an excuse from any manager.
Now, with Jose back home, Chelsea fans are happy, happier than ever in fact, a sense of stability is starting to dawn upon us. Jose is now the Happy One, the mastermind has returned from Spain more experienced and better as he claims, and has made his intentions clear. Jose has already told the media that he would take no pride in winning the Europa League like Rafa did. The only thing that matters to him is the PL and Champions League trophy. Jose made it clear to the press that he intends on selling none of the current Chelsea players, stating he is really happy with the way things are progressing in training. Amid rumours of Mata, Luiz, Torres and even Ivanovic leaving, the papers were proved really wrong about those blind rumours after Jose’s statement. Mourinho called back important youngsters from loan, made two young and really talented signings already and has already put some pieces for his “New” Chelsea puzzle. Mourinho knows how to tackle his critics and the media, he knows how to win every trophy that there is to be won and he knows what fans at Chelsea want.
It’s safe to say that Jose Mourinho is home and home is where he should always have been. He is and always will be Chelsea’s Special One, Happy One and Only One.

ChelseaInsider thanks Harsh Chauhan for this article.

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